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Looking for student or professional orchestral string instruments and their accessories? Have a look at our range of quality yet affordable string instruments. Brands include Eastman (Batista) and Stentor. Books for the respective instruments are listed under our SHEET MUSIC category.


  • Violins & Accessories

    Violin buying made as easy as possible. Each violin is selected for quality and backed by manufacturer's warranties. Get measured for the correct size of violin in store. The violin accessories available include strings, stands, bows, rosin, shoulder rests and books.

  • Violas

    The viola is the alto of the string family. Although played in a similar manner as the violin, there are several reasons why the viola produces a more mellow and richer sound. It has a thicker body compared to its violin sibling. The 4 strings of a viola are strung at lower pitches than that of a violin (C, G, D, A), but sounds an octave higher than those on the cello.  

  • Cellos

    Choose from a range of Cellos in all sizes. Buy cello strings, rosin, bows, cello bags, cases, black holes, stands and mutes.

    Each cello is correctly set up, comes in a bag with a bow and is ready to play.

    We stock a range of spare parts (pegs, bridges, tailpieces) to maintain and upgrade your cello. We encourage Perth customers to come into the shop to try out the cellos.