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Brass Instruments

We stock the student models of the Jupiter trumpet and trombone, as to ensure affordability for these wonderful quality instruments. We also have the Wisemann instruments for our entry level range which allows any beginner student to learn to play a musical instrument!

Brass Instruments 

  • Trumpets & Trombones

    A range of Trumpets and Trombones suitable for beginners through to intermediates. A great choice of popular brass accessories for care and maintenance, including  Brushes and Valve Oils.

  • Brass Accessories and...

    All the extras you need to maintain great playability in your Brass instruments. 

  • Hunting Horns

    Traditionally a signal horn used in a chase or for arrivals and departures, these Hunting Horns are a great addition or starting point to any instrument collection.

  • Cornets

    A close relative and with the same pitch range as the Trumpet, the Cornet is an agile and responsive member of the brass family. The tone of the Cornet is midway in color between the bright sound of a Trumpet and the dark, complex tone of the Flugelhorn.