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A selection of Guitars for Sale along with a huge range of accessories for guitar. As well as guitars, we have one of the largest choice of guitar books around. Guitar repairs are carried out in store.


  • Acoustic Guitars

    You have chosen to play an acoustic guitar. Check out our top quality Acoustic brands. For all your acoustic guitar needs, we have the guitar stands, tuners, strings and learn to play guitar books.

  • Classical Guitars

    The classical guitar, also known as a nylon string guitar, has a smaller body and is strung using nylon strings. Spanish made Alhambra Classical Guitars focus on producing beautifully crafted instruments. Perfect for both student beginners and advanced players alike.

  • Electric Guitars

    Electric guitars for sale for the beginner. Electric guitar packages offer exceptional value with everything you need to get started included.

  • Guitar Packages
    Guitar packages get you straight into the action. Good quality electric, bass and acoustic guitars packaged with all the kit needed to get you started quickly.
  • Guitar Amps

    Make your guitar sound great with these amplifiers. At Crescendo we focus on beginner and intermediate amps for home practice and rehearsals.

  • Guitar Accessories

    Guitar Tuners, Slides, Cables, Straps, Stands, Capos, & Guitar Bags

    We also offer a wide selection of guitar parts including strings, machine heads, nuts, saddles and knobs in our retail store.