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Casio CTK 6200 High Grade Piano Style Keyboard

Casio CTK 6000 Keyboard by Casio View larger

New product

High grade keyboard for those who like to compose their own music. The recording feature is 17 track, with a huge note capacity.  This means there is a virtual multi-track recording studio built inside the keyboard complete with a new graphic equalizer which enables the player to adjust the bass and treble levels of different frequencies within the sound.

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High grade keyboard offering a wide range of comprehensive functions, includng sound and rhythm editing, a studio-quality effects section and hundreds of realistic instrument tones all contained in the modern case design.



  • Features

  • 61 keys with touch response.
  • 670 built in tones and 200 rhythms.
  • 16 track song sequencer + 1 system track supports recording of up to 5 songs or approximately 30,000 notes.
  • Choices of editing tools include event insert, copy and delete, note locator and a recording function.
  • The mixer can be used in conjunction with instrument input feature.
  • Rhythm Editor allows you to combine instrumental parts from multiple built-in rhythms, turn individual instrumental portions on or off and adjust volume, pan reverb and other parameters to create your own personal rhythms. The rhythm editor can store up to 10 original rhythms in memory for recall at any time.
  • The built-in effects include 10 reverbs, 5 choruses and 100 DSP types. You can create your own DSP effects and store up to 100 unique styles.
  • Stores 4 sets & 8 banks for a total of 32 set ups.
  • The simplicity of the registration process makes it a great feature for live performances.

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