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Toca 10 inch Djembe Tribal Mask

Toca 10 inch Djembe Tribal Mask View larger

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Toca 10 inch hand carved wooden tribal mask djembe with low stretch alpine rope tuning system.  Environmentally friendly!

Please Note - Orders typically take 1-3 business days to process, and will be dispatched no more than 10 days after ordering.

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A traditionally styled djembe, beautifully hand carved from a single piece of high grade plantation grown mahogany.  The shell's grooved interior eliminates unwanted overtones and will produce classic high pitch slaps, strong midrange and deep bass tones.  The low stretch alpine rope and quality goatskin head provides greater tuning stability.  These djembes use only certified, plantation grown wood that is treated and dried in buildings powered by solar technology.  Order an environmentally friendly djembe today!

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