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Casio Power Adaptor 9.5 Volts for Casio Keyboards

Casio 9.5 Volts Keyboard AC-Adaptor by View larger

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Casio's Power Adaptor removes the need for batteries having to power your keyboard, allowing you to simply plug straight into a power supply..

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The Casio 9.5 volts Adaptor has been especially designed for use with the following Casio Keyboard models:

  • SA46
  • SA76 Casio 44 Key Mini Keyboard
  • CTK240
  • CTK1100
  • CTK2200 Casio Full Size 61 Key Keyboard
  • CTK3200 Casio Full Size 61 Key Keyboard
  • CTK4200 Casio Full Size 61 Key Keyboard
  • WK220
  • LK120

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