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We stock a range of flutes, clarinets, saxophones and woodwind accessories. Books on all these instruments are stocked.


  • Flutes

    We stock a range of Flutes for students, beginners right through to advanced players. We ship Austraiia-wide with Fast, Insured Shipping.

  • Clarinets

    Reasonably priced quality clarinets for sale from leading brands. All the clarinet accessories and books you need to get started on this fantastic instrument. Reeds, cleaning cloths, stands, mouthpieces, neck straps and thumb savers available. 

  • Saxophones
    Great range of accessories for your saxophone available. Reeds by Vandoren and Rico for alto, tenor and soprano sax. We have cleaning cloths, brushes, stands, Neotech neck straps, mouthpieces and saxophone books.
  • Recorders

    A selection of recorders to buy include Yamaha and Aulos recorders, wooden and coloured recorders.  We sell recorder books and cleaning mops. Schools can buy recorders in bulk.

  • Reeds

    Buy reeds for Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe and Bassoon. Available in various strengths, materials and brands including Vandoren, Rico and Legere.

  • Other Small Woodwind...

    Tin whistles, melodicas, pan pipes and jews harps are some of the smaller woodwind instruments.

  • Woodwind Accessories
    A great range of accessories for your flute, clarinet and saxophone. In store we have reeds, neckstraps, pull through cleaners, thumb savers, cork grease and mouthpieces. An extensive range of music books for all levels of players is available.
  • Woodwind Care &...

    Find all the necessary cleaning tools and materials for keeping your instruments at its best performance.