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Casio Electronic Keyboard

Full range of Casio Keyboards at the best prices. Choose from touch sensitive and beginners keyboards to great value keyboard packages.

Casio Electronic Keyboard 

  • Key Lighting Keyboards

    A great way to engage children in learning to play music is through Casio's key lighting system. Using the built-in lesson function, the keyboard automatically lights up the keys for which notes are coming next.

  • Children Keyboards

    Casio digital instruments make music education more enjoyable and interesting for young beginners. Compact and Loads of fun! Not to mention it has a rich selection of high-quality tones and rhythms.

  • Standard Keyboards

    All Casio student models have a minimum of 61 keys and are touch sensitive. This is important when learning so that the dynamics of musical pieces can be expressed correctly in the student's performance. 

  • Workstation Keyboards

    Workstation keyboard are all about creativity. Suitable for advanced students of any age group, right up to songwriters, performing musicians and recording artists.