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AMEB Music Exam Books

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exams are available for instruments and voice. The exams are divided into levels, starting at Preliminary, and then Grade 1 up to Grade 8.

AMEB Music Exam Books 

  • AMEB Manual of Syllabuses

    The AMEB manual syllabuses is for all instruments and grades. The syllabus lists the requirements for each music exam, together with the extra manual lists.

  • AMEB Piano Exam Books

    You can buy all the music you need for your AMEB piano exam online or visit our Perth store.  We sell aural tests, sight reading books and theory papers.

  • AMEB Violin Exam Books
    Violin students will find the set pieces and technical work for the AMEB Violin Series 9 exams in different grades.
  • AMEB Viola Exam Books

    Viola Series 1 AMEB grade books and technical workbook for viola.

  • AMEB Cello Exam Books

    Buy all the music you'll need for your AMEB cello examination. We sell grade books, technical workbooks and music theory books online.

  • AMEB Flute Exam Books

    Flute students will find all they need to buy online. AMEB exam books, technical workbook and more repertoire all available in one shop.

  • AMEB Clarinet Exam Books
    AMEB clarinet students will find everything to buy online here. We have the clarinet pieces, techincal workbook and extra repertoire required by the AMEB Syllabus.
  • AMEB Singing Exam Books
    The traditional singing syllabus develops the musical and technical skills of singers and encourages performers to reach their full potential. The Singing for Leisure series offers candidates to study popular repertoire.
  • AMEB Classical Guitar...

    Classical guitar repertoire from traditional to contemporary favourites. Grade books from preliminary to Grade 6, technical workbook and sight reading.

  • AMEB Music Craft Books

    AMEB Music Craft Student Workbooks from Prelimanry to Grade 4 have an aural and written component. Each level is divided into 2 parts, A and B.