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Discover your ideal ukulele from our huge range of styles and brands. From beginners to professionals, you'll find the ukulele cases, stands and books.


  • Soprano Ukuleles

    The ‘standard’ size ukulele favoured by most musicians. Strings tuned to G (high), C, E, A, its small body and neck with only twelve frets gives bright, agile tones when played. 

  • Concert Ukuleles

    A ukulele in the concert size has a wider body which gives a slightly deeper and more sustained sound than the sopranos. More spacing between the frets allows most people to play these ukuleles easier. 

  • Tenor Ukuleles

    The tenor ukulele is larger than the Soprano and Concert Ukuleles, its longer neck provides yet more room for the fingers. These ukuleles produce fuller, richer bass sounds compared to the Concerts. 

  • Baritone Ukuleles

    The largest of the four sizes of ukuleles. Tuned differently from the rest of its members, it is tuned like the 4 higher strings of the guitar — D, G, B, E. 

  • Solidbody Electric...

    Looking for something different? Browse our range of solidbody electric ukuleles!

  • Ukulele Accessories

    A range of essential accessories for Ukulele players including strings, tuners, straps, picks and pickups for live performances. These gadgets are suitable for players of all standards, and will increase the enjoyment of playing ukulele.