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Music Gifts

Musical gifts for anyone who plays music and music gift ideas for music teachers and musicians.

Music Gifts 

  • Classical Composer Gifts

    A must have addition to your collection of displays at home - resin bust statues of the most popular composers, and our high quality print of composer portraits which comes with a complimentary frame.

  • Musical Instrument Models

    Miniature musical instrument models with case, the set looks just like real instruments and are great for display at homes of music lovers. 

  • Music Stationery

    Want to buy an interesting gift for a musician? We sell pens and pencils, writing pads, erasers, achievement stickers and music clips all with a fun musical twist. We can only display a selection of our music stationery on this website, and there is much more choice in our retail store.

  • Music Keyring & Bag Tags

    Music keyring and music bag tags are simple but functional gifts to give to music teachers, students, music lovers and musicians. Here is a selection, but we have more displayed in our retail store at Crescendo Music in Perth.

  • Music Bags

    Music bags for instruments and sheet music on a musical theme. Ideal for carrying music books to and from school music lessons.

  • Cups, Mugs & Cutlery

    A wide selection of music themed cups, mugs and cutlery. The perfect gift for musicians and yourself. Browse through the designs here online to find the ones that suit you best! 

  • Novelty Gifts

    Find unique music gifts for your relatives and friends as well as yourself for any occasion. Also remember to take a look at our music themed bow ties and ties, beautiful acrylic music boxes, crystal music boxes and many more. 

  • Gifts for Guitarists
    Find the perfect gift for the guitarist. Easy shopping ideas for every guitar player. Search under guitar accessories and guitar books too.
  • Pewter House Novelty...

    Pewter House offers reliable, top quality pewter products, each characterised by fine detailing and finishing through hand guided filing, scotching, buffing, polishing as well as carvings. Brand based in Perth, Western Australia, the raw materials are sourced from Malaysia, the finished goods are also manufactured, designed, decorated and hand crafted in the same country. 

    Pewter is a tin-based alloy which the best is composed of 97% refined tin, strengthened by 2% antimony and 1% copper. Pewter House guarantees their products do not contain lead hence, are safe to use with food and drinks. Right after precious metals - platinum, gold and silver, Pewter is considered the fourth most valuable metal commonly produced and used today.

    A wide range of fine quality pewter goods are available with varying degrees of detailing from simple yet elegant designs to the intricately decorated and carved. This includes the signature beer mugs, whiskey flasks, wine goblets and home decorations. The Pewter House pewter products are suitable for any occasion, simply unique and valuable gifts for the person you cherish, also for yourself to enjoy the quality products.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item