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Guitar Books

Fantastic selection of guitar books for beginners, with guitar techniques and styles, chord books, and guitar songbooks.

Guitar Books 

  • Guitar Lessons & Methods
    For anyone looking at how to learn to play guitar, our fantastic range of guitar books make it easy. We have step by step guitar books for beginners suitable for Acoustic, Electric, Classical and Bass Players.
  • Songs for Easy Guitar

    Easy to play guitar songs in books suitable for beginners and less experienced players. Choose from various artists and collections.

  • Guitar Chord Books

    How to Play Guitar Chords is one of the most important things for beginning players to learn. They form the basis of almost every song and are the building blocks for most of the things that you will learn on the guitar.

  • Classical Guitar

    All the books you need to learn to play the classical guitar. Sheet music collections with all the famous pieces for classical guitar. Some books come with CD recordings with examples of the music.

  • Guitar Tab Songbooks
    Comprehensive range of easy guitar tab books by bands like the Beatles, AC/DC, Metallica, Nirvana and Neil Young,
  • Little Black Songbooks

    These compact pocket-sized books have a massive selection of songs by the greatest artists of all time. Arranged with full lyrics and guitar chords. They feature all the tunes you could ever want to play. An ideal gift or an addition to your guitar case, ensuring that you will never again be stuck for a crowd-pleasing favourite that everyone will know and enjoy.