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Piano Books

Buying piano music in Perth? We have a wide range of piano sheet music, whether exam pieces, easy-play piano music or classical piano books of different editions. We can only display a small selection here, but our retail shop has thousands of titles which are easy to browse. 

Piano Books 

  • Classical Masterpieces

    A selection of some of the classical composers and collections in stock. Publishers are Henle, Schirmer, Masterworks and KJOS. There are many more classical books in store.

  • Method Books

    Learn how to play the piano with piano books for beginners. Piano music for children and adults from the likes of Alfred, Hal Leonard, Bastien, John Thompson, Leila Fletcher and Suzuki.

  • Technical Exercises...

    The best piano technique exercises for improving finger dexterity, strength and speed.

  • Easy Piano

    Easy Piano Music books designed for the beginner. They are simplified versions for people who have had lessons and want to play music they recognise.

  • Ez Play Today

    E-Z play books are designed for absolute beginners at the piano and keyboard. Music appears in easy, big note, right hand only arrangements. The letters of the notes are printed inside each music note. The layout of each book is clear and easy to read. Simple enough for beginners, but with authentic sounding chords and melody lines. All songs in the series can be played by piano, guitar and trumpet.

  • Easy to Intermediate...

    Piano repertoire books to enjoy and practice while you are taking piano lessons.

  • Advanced Piano Solos

    Some of our most popular piano books originally composed or arranged for piano. These books make ideal gifts for the accomplished pianist to play and enjoy.

  • Piano Duets

    Have twice the fun with these easy piano duets for beginners sharing one piano. These duet books will work for student with student or teacher and student. If piano lessons are becoming a little stale, learning piano duets can be a good way to stimulate a new passion for playing piano. Duets will increase piano skills – listening, rhythm and coordination and they’re fun to perform at festivals and for an audience to watch.

  • Jazz Piano

    Jazz piano books for beginners to jazz standards to play for more accomplished pianists.