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Classroom Percussion

Every child deserves the best musical start and our percussion instruments for kids are perfect for schools and educational use. Early music education and pre-school musical instruments for children are suitable for adult team building and in aged care.

Classroom Percussion 

  • Bongos & Hand Drums
    A selection of bongos and hand drums which are perfect for drummers, students and aspiring musicians.
  • Castanets
    Traditional style and natural wood castanets available. Simple instrument to introduce children to rhythm and perfect for hand eye coordination.
  • Claves & Tapping Sticks

    Tapping sticks or claves are an essential ingredient in group percussion situations to add a bit of rhythm. Ideal for small hands.

  • Finger & Hand Cymbals
    Hand held cymbals and finger cymbals for children of all ages.
  • Jingles & Hand Bells

    Jingle bells, hand bells and  sleigh bells for use in the classroom and music education groups.

  • Percussion Sets

    Perfect for schools, playgroups and church groups, our percussion sets include Shakers, Triangles, Castanets, Tambourines, Bells, Wood Blocks, and Maracas.

  • Shakers & Maracas
    A selection of percussion shakers in different sizes, shapes and materials offering different tones and sounds.
  • Sound Effects
    A selection of fun instruments that make interesting sounds, from shakers, kazoos and vibraslaps to ocean drums.
  • Tambourines

    The Tambourine is a wooden, plastic or metal percussive instrument who's edge is filled with small metal discs known as zils. Buy wooden, plastic and headless tambourines in different styles.

  • Xylophones &...

    Our range of xylphones and glockenspiels are suitable for children, schools and adults.