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Guitar Accessories

Guitar Tuners, Slides, Cables, Straps, Stands, Capos, & Guitar Bags

We also offer a wide selection of guitar parts including strings, machine heads, nuts, saddles and knobs in our retail store.

Guitar Accessories 

  • Guitar Bags & Cases
    Guitar cases for maximum protection and easy transportation of Electric, Bass, Classical and Acoustic Guitars. Buy A Guitar Bag for something light and protective when you are on the move.
  • Guitar Capos

    Gadgets to enhance the playing experience of the guitarist. A selection of guitar capos for acoustic and electric guitar. These capos help the guitarist to change the key of a song.

  • Guitar Strings

    A range of guitar strings from major brands including D'Addario, Elixir, Augustine, Savarez, Hannabach, Ernesto Palla, and La Bella. Cheaper strings are offered, perfect for a beginner guitarist looking to change their strings.

  • Guitar Picks
    Pick a pick. Thick ones, thin ones, big ones, small ones - choosing the right one will probably take a bit of experimenting. Thin picks are less resistant for strumming and thick picks produce a stronger tone when soloing.
  • Guitar Slides
    Guitar slides in brass, chrome and glass by Jim Dunlop. Choose chromed steel slides for rock, metal and blues styles on electric guitar.
  • Guitar Stands

    Safe storage for your guitars when you are not playing. Sturdy, practical stands for all guitars. Guitar hooks for mounting on the wall. Folding stands and multi guitar racks for owners of several guitars.

  • Guitar Tuners
    Tune your guitar easily and accurately with our selection of high quality electronic, clip on, mic and digital guitar tuners. Buy a guitar tuner and be confident you will get that accurate sound for your performance.
  • Guitar Straps
    Guitar straps in plain designs or with different patterns. Our guitar straps are comfortable to wear, and will hold your guitar securely in position leaving you free to play.
  • Guitar Care & Maintenance
    All your guitar maintenance must haves to keep your guitar sounding and playing as good as new. Cleaning, polishing and bringing an instrument back to it's former glory can really be quite a satisfying process!
  • Guitar Leads & Cables
    Guitar cables to meet the requirements of musicians of all standards. Straight jack, angled jack, short, medium or long for beginners to professional recording studios.
  • Power Supplies/Cables

    Browse our range of Power Supplies for your Pedalboard!

  • Guitar Pickups - Acoustic

    Pickups for your Steel String Acoustic or Classical Guitar!

  • Guitar Pickups - Electric

    We now supply DiMarzio pickups for electric guitars! Contact us in regards to the full range of DiMarzio products!

  • Effects Pedals

    We supply Dunlop, MXR, Way Huge, Danelectro pedals and more!

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item