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Music stands, metronomes and cleaning accessories for musical instruments. Music themed gifts available for musicians.


  • Hearing Protection...

    Protect your ears from high frequencies and loud noises with these ear plugs. A range to choose from between reusable and disposable ones as well as the maximum frequency it cuts out.

  • Music Stands

    A good music stand is essential for musicians, schools and orchestras. Nothing improves your performance more than practising the right way, with a sturdy music stand. Here is a great range of portable music stands and heavy duty stands. More music stands are available inside  the retail store.

  • Instrument Stands
    Keyboard stands and stands for all musical instruments. You name your instrument, and we'll find a stand for it to sit on. Display music instruments safely, and have them ready to play by buying a stand. Guitar Stands can be found under Guitar Accessories, and Sheet Music Stands are listed under Music Stands.
  • Microphone & Speaker...

    Browse our range of high quality microphone and speaker stands.

  • Metronomes & Tuners

    Metronomes for sale in digital and classic wooden designs by Wittner, Korg and Zen-On. Our tuners are reliable and easy to use and include clip-on models.

  • Microphones & Headphones
    Microphones, microphone stands, and megaphones for when you need to be heard loud and clear. Headphones for when you want to hear yourself and not disturb your neighbours.
  • Conductors Batons
    We sell a variety of conducting batons. Cork handled conductors batons start at $16.00 and come in a variety of lengths. Batons with a rosewood handle come in an acrylic presentation case. These batons make a great gift for a musician.
  • Power Adapters

    Browse our range of power adapters for keyboards, pedals and lights.

  • General Accessories

    Browse our range of general accessories ranging from equipment cases to transport trollies.