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Drums & Percussion
Good value drumkits for beginners. Our percussion department is crammed with all those traditional favourites like tambourines, bongos and maracas. For schools, playgroups, church groups and family fun, there is a mouth watering array of colourful percussion to select from.

Drums & Percussion 

  • Cajons

    Whether you are a busker or in a professional band, the portability, ease of use and sound of the wooden cajon makes it an indispensable instrument. Browse our range of cajons today!

  • Drums

    Good quality entry level drum kits by DXP for the beginner. Everything you need to get started on the road to being a drumming sensation.

  • Djembes

    Djembe drums in all patterns, sizes and designs available. There are djembes with rope tuning or mechancial tuning, and both synthetic shells and wooden bodies.

  • Classroom Percussion

    Every child deserves the best musical start and our percussion instruments for kids are perfect for schools and educational use. Early music education and pre-school musical instruments for children are suitable for adult team building and in aged care.