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Give Yourself Something to Sing About

Published on 24/04/2013

  • Give Yourself Something to Sing About

The voice is a musical instrument. Just like any other part of the body, it can be trained.

Anyone can sing, but to sing with melody and steadiness of tone, singing on pitch and with a pleasing timbre, is something that needs to be taught. You can broaden your range and improve your performance by practising technique. Think about posture, breathing, and performing. See some of our books on vocal technique here.

'Naturally Good' Voices

We've all heard them - the amateur singers with a naturally good voice. A naturally 'good' voice is a nice place to start - but it is only the start. We see natural athletes, but physical training and techniques change them into elite sportsmen.

But - even if you do not think you have a naturally good voice - do not despair! Good vocal technique can actually mould your voice, so that qualities you never knew you had may become apparent.

Control Your Pitch

The most obvious aspect in learning how to sing correctly is to ensure that you learn to control your pitch (exactly where the note is). To this end, scales and other vocal exercises will be given to you - but it's not just a matter of singing through them, eager to get them out of the way. Practice vocal exercises with care, concentrating that your pitch is certain and steady.

Learn how to Breathe!

The most important thing you'll ever learn in singing is how to breathe.

The thing to remember: using the breath correctly takes years! Not because it's overwhelmingly difficult, but because the body and mind need to become accustomed to using the muscles of the body in the 'right way', and need to become accustomed to deliberately relaxing the body, removing unnecessary tension, except where the tension is needed. (Most humans instinctively try to produce vocal melody by bunching up muscles that don't need to be bunched up - and it makes singing look incredibly difficult!)

Crescendo Music has books on Warm Ups, Sight Singing, and Pro Vocal books where you can sing along to favourite tracks.