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Richard Clayderman Plays Piano for Tortoises

Published on 02/03/2013

  • Richard Clayderman Plays Piano for Tortoises

Pianist Richard Clayderman has held a private concert for a group of very special guests. Endangered giant tortoises at London Zoo were serenaded by the French pianist with romantic music. He played Ballade Pour Adeline and the theme from the Chariot of Fire. The tortoises are endangered and the romantic concert was arranged in the hope that it would put them in an amorous mood.

The Galapagos tortoises at the zoo consist of 70 year old Dirk and females Dolores, 13, and Dolly and Polly, both aged 17. They listened to Richard Clayderman perform themes from West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. These tortoises are the largest of their kind and live for well over 150 years, but their species is under threat.

Richard Clayderman said that his golden retriever loved to lie by the piano while he was playing, so "maybe it's good for animals to listen to music." Crescendo Music sells piano music of Richard Clayderman.