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Learning to Play the Clarinet

Published on 09/03/2013

  • Learning to Play the Clarinet

If your child is interested in playing the clarinet, or already learning this instrument, you might be wondering how to give your child the best training and practice.

Clarinets are great fun to play and create wonderful music. Most clarinets are made from either plastoc resin such as ABS, or wood.

Your child can enjoy their practice if they have a good teacher, positive encouragement from home, a good quality instrument and can have fun. You could start with a Jupiter Clarinet priced at around $600.00 or perhaps look at the Vito Clarinet priced around $590.00.

Playing the clarinet involves blowing into the mouthpiece, and the vibrations that are caused on the reed make the sounds. By covering particular holes along the clarinet different tones are made. So learning the various combinations of finger placement is as key as the blowing technique. Learning the correct playing techniques takes some dedication so making practice fun for your child is crucial if they are to progress and become good at playing.

During practice, correct breathing techniques will be taught, as it important not to grip the mouthpiece with the teeth, but instead blow air. Mouthpiece cushions are available to help with this.

Learning how to take care of your clarinet is also important – correct care will mean the beautiful instrument will last years and give so much enjoyment.

Speak to us today about finding the best instrument for your family. We can talk you through the options available and help you select the right match. Contact Crescendo Music.