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Musical Gifts for any Musician

Published on 07/12/2012

  • Musical Gifts for any Musician

Musical Gifts - two words that can cause a panic attack in someone who doesn't have a musical bone in their body. Musicians can be a tricky bunch to buy for. They love to play and seem to know what they want. But music shops can be scary and intimidating places for the non-musician, with all their cabinets full of strange - looking gadgets and books that appear to be in a foreign language.

Gift Vouchers in a music shop ensure that the music lover gets exactly what they want. They also convey that you have given some thought into what the recipient would actually like to receive. It's a win - win! Crescendo Music have vouchers available in multiples of $5 and $10, so the recipient gets to choose just what they want and when they want it.

Musicians always like to buy themselves additional accesories, or upgrade their instruments, and there's always a need for maintenance along the way. $25 gets them a book of their choice, $15 would buy a guitarist a new set of strings, $20 is needed for a tuner or stand and  $100 would get them a ukulele.

Buy vouchers in store, by phone or online and give the musicians something that they will really enjoy.