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Learning to Play the Flute

Published on 06/03/2013

  • Learning to Play the Flute

Playing the flute is a great skill and many children enjoy this instrument. Some start with a recorder or fife then move onto a silver flute.

Traditionally the flute is played on the side, to the right. Flutes come in many different varieties and make beautiful music. Either solo, or in a choir or orchestra, the flute is a wonderful musical instrument for children.

The Jupiter flute 511 is one option for your child, and you can purchase from around $650.00 and another option is the Jupiter Flute 711 which is around $1,995.00.

A good idea as well as professional lessons, is to get your child involved in a children’s choir. This offers an excellent way to practice alongside others, learn many musical pieces and see the results of a good musical arrangement.

It goes without saying that learning the correct playing techniques are crucial and lessons as well as practice are the best way to keep achieving high standards. Kids like to have fun so ensure they enjoy their instrument, and the flute is one beautiful musical instrument for them to learn.

There are two main parts to flute playing: the breathing into the mouth piece and learning the keys with your fingers. Correct posture, breathing and technique will all lead to some wonderful music being played. As your child gets better and learns more keys, their confidence will grow.

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