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How to Choose the Perfect Song to Audition

Published on 28/09/2012

  • How to Choose the Perfect Song to Audition

So, you need to pick a perfect song to nail that upcoming audition. The song must be a perfect fit from the moment you open your mouth to the minute you hit that high note. There are many vocal books with CD backing to select from, with Musical Theatre collections and the Pro Vocal series being popular options.

How to Choose a Song

1.  A Solo    For a solo audition, try not to sing a song that was written as a duet, trio, or chorus number. Even if you really love the song, or even if you already have the sheet music and have it memorized, pick a different song.

2.  Not from a Show  Unless the audition notice specifically asks for this, never sing a song from a show. Choose a song that is very similar to the songs sung by the character you want to get. The director may have a different take on the character from what you imagine, and singing a song from the show may appear as if you're "set in your ways" or at least, set in singing it like the singer on the cast album. The last thing you want is to seem inflexible or undirectable.

3.  Within your Age Range and Life Experience  A teenager probably would not have the life experience to sing about doomed romance, so don't pretend. You won't impress a director by trying to sing older than your age. Likewise, a 50 year old woman can't pass for the innocent maiden, either.

4.  Within Your Local Range and Training  Stay in your genre and vocal range. It you want to expand either, make sure you do so many months before an audition. Do not use an audtion as your time to prove this new road you want to travel.


1.  Follow the guidelines of the audtion notice to the letter.

2.  Sing the song as directed, whether that means singing a capella or buying sheet music for an accompanist to play for you. Using a CD is usually acceptable, but again, check the audition notice.

3.  Even though you may have a zillion songs on your iThingie, that doesn't mean the audition or production team will have the necessary cables and all the wires to hook up your gadget to theirs. If they say bring a CD with your music on it, then just bring a CD.

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