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Musical Instruments to Take on Holiday

Published on 07/01/2012

  • Musical Instruments to Take on Holiday

With summer upon us, and weekends away on the agenda - here are some musical instruments that families should consider packing if everyone is going to have some musical fun. If you're camping or heading to the beach, they don't take up much room, and they'll brighten up any social gathering.

Egg Maracas - anyone can join in and make music with these small egg shaped maracas. They fit into the palms of the smallest hands. They come in fun colours and bright metallics at $2.50 each.

If you are camping, and you've forgotten to pack the frying pan, there's always the old banjo to fall back on. Banjos start at $299.00.

Bongos - the great thing about bongos is that they are portable, cheap and fun. Prices start at $50.

Harmonicas - a great addition for making music around the campfire. Bring a bit of Bob Dylan to the party with a harmonica starting at $10.00.

Ukuleles - you can't say the name without hearing the strum. A great instrument to play for simple enjoyment. Maybe now is the time to give the uke a whirl. Our rainbow ukes make playing even more enjoyable.

Little Black Songbook Acoustic Hit Songs - never be stuck for a crowd pleasing favourite song as everyone will know and enjoy some of these 130 songs of rock, pop and folk music. The Little Black Songbooks are compact pocket - sized books with full lyrics and guitar chords by the greatest artists of all time. They feature all the tunes you could ever want to play.

Enjoy the summer, the festivals and the camping trips. Call in to Crescendo Music beforehand and be inspired by the array of music.