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Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn to Play

Published on 07/01/2012

  • Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn to Play

Which are the easiest musical instruments to learn to play? Even someone without any musical ability can pick up one of these instruments. Making music is all about having fun, so bring out your creativity and mess around with some of the following instruments and you'll be playing in no time. It's easy as one, two, three...

Kazoo - a fun introduction to playing music. Instead of blowing, you hum into the kazoo or "sing" into it. Cheap as chips and great for playing in a large group.

Strumstick- with only 3 strings, the strumstick is an instrument that has no wrong notes and no talent is required to play! You start with just the bottom string and it has no sharps or flats.

Ukulele -  the ukulele is small and has only 4 strings. Learn a few chords within an hour and you'll be be strumming along in no time.

Melodica - no plugs or batteries needed for this instrument. Play on your lap like a keyboard or blow into the mouthpiece. An ideal compact instrument for travelling.

Tambourine - shake, rattle and roll with this hand held percussion instrument. Strike the drum head or shake the jingles to add rhythm.

Bongos - bongo drums are made up of 2 sections which are attached to one another, one being larger than the other. Place the bongos between your knees and strike the tops with your fingers and palms.