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Which Musical Instrument to Learn this Year

Published on 27/12/2011

  • Which Musical Instrument to Learn this Year

The fuzzy head, the aching liver and the nagging headache and you swear that you will never, ever, ever drink again. Time to escape and dream up some new year's resolutions. Think which musical instrument you're going to learn to play this year. It's on a lot of bucket lists, so start the new year with a bang and get started on your musical dream.

Taking up a new musical instrument is an exciting and potentially life - changing experience. Try a digital piano for all the family to enjoy.

The harmonica is an inexpensive, portable instrument. It is the perfect instrument for multi-tasking. Clamp a harmonica-holder around your neck and suddenly your hands are free to play guitar, play piano or juggle at the same time as you play your harmonica. If you are training to become a one-man-band, this is the instrument to begin with.

Thinking of taking up an another instrument and you can do much worse than buy a drum kit. It's surprisingly easy to learn (if you have an aptitude for it), so you should be able to bang out your favourite songs while your guitar-playing mates are but dreaming of drop-D tuning.

A guitar with nylon strings is far more finger-friendly than an electric guitar or steel-stringed acoustic, and a good way to toughen up the fingertips before slicing them on steel strings. A Classical Guitar Pack is generally cheaper than cheap 'acoustic' or electric guitars as well so a good place to begin.

Get started. Go Practice. Hang a sign on your door ... "Musical Genius in Progress".