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Gift Ideas for Christmas - Musical Instruments

Published on 16/11/2015

  • Gift Ideas for Christmas - Musical Instruments

Looking for gift ideas this Christmas? Whether buying something for the professional musician that has everything or the beginner who has only their enthusiasm, there's lots of unusual instruments that can be perfect for a Christmas gift. These are all easy to pick up and challenging to master, making them both excellent novelty and serious instruments.


Harmonicas are a great example, you can pick up one and immediately a good sound, and learning to play a melody is as easy as buying a book that shows you which holes to breathe in and out. If it's for a younger child (7-10), try one of our Suzuki or Airwave Harmonicas, from $7.50. The more adult or committed player would perhaps be better suited to a Johnson, Lee Oscar, or Hohner Blues Harmonica, they start from $14.


Ukuleles have all the flexiblitiy and capabilities of their big brother the guitar, but are much easier to pick up and play. That's why ukuleles have seen such a huge rise in popularity in the last 5-10 years. We have a range of coloured ukuleles that come with bags for $34.95, they make a great sound and kids love them. The nicer ukuleles are made from better quality woods, which give them a richer and warmer sound, and may have pickups in them (to allow them to be played through an amp). We have a huge range in store and are happy to help find the right one for you.


Ocarinas are a type of vessel flute. They make a beautifully woody sound and are capable of playing a large range of tunes. In addition to being a folk instrument, they've been used in computer games for years. If your gift recipient is a Zelda fan, look no further! They'd love an ocarina.


Buying someone a single shaker may not seem like such a great gift idea, but how about a percussion set? You can buy percussion sets that come with a bag, containing shakers, tapping sticks, a tambourine, and heaps more! For the asipiring rockstar, percussion plays the important role of filling out the drum parts and enriching the texture, and strengthening the groove in your band.