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Percussion Instruments for Gifts

Published on 04/12/2015

  • Percussion Instruments for Gifts

Musical instruments make great gifts, and percussion is something that can be enjoyed by all age groups.

The simplest addition to a piece of music can be just the thing to fill the sound, or give a piece a real rhythmic drive. Smaller percussion instruments are not to be sniffed at, and professionals are often called upon to take up the humble triangle or egg shaker. However, the beauty of these timeless pieces is that anyone can have fun making music with them, so when you're stumped for what to gift a young one, what could fit better than percussion?


These Latin American rattles are occasionally, and perhaps appropriately, known as rumba shakers, as once you start grooving with these you're bound to get the whole room dancing! Available in a range of patterns and colours on traditional handles, or as convenient little egg shakers in a variety of shapes. We also have more traditional materials available in the Caxixi basket shaker or Ganza, used in Samba music.


Responsible for clicks and rhythmic ripples in many European cultures, these are traditionally made of hardwood (such as our popular rosewood castanets) and can trace their roots as far back as Ancient Rome. Today, these make wonderful additions to any music room, as you don't have to be a professional flamenco dancer to play a koala-shaped castanet with gusto!


An essential part of folk music across many cultures, this jingling instrument consists of little finger cymbals (actually called zils) attached to a frame, and its simplicity has made it a staple of gospel, rock, early pop and even much classical music. When choosing a tambourine, the possibilities can seem limitless, so first consider whether or not you need a drumhead. In rock music, headless tambourines, especially the original Rhythm Tech half-moon, are the most popular option, while headless but circular tambourines tend to be most popular with dancers. The other thing to consider of course is the size. Our 10-inch option remains popular due to the depth of sound the extra zils provide, as well as being tunable, offering a longer life of consistent quality.

Percussion Packs

If you're feeling spoilt for choice, why not indulge in a little bagged selection with a 9-piece or 6-piece pack. These collections will fill a household with sound, and be a great addition to your music room. Larger selections are available for schools and the budding enthusiast.