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Still Ticking: Bob Coldham.

Published on 20/04/2016

  • Still Ticking: Bob Coldham.

Crescendo has long supported local small businesses, and is very proud to have recently partnered with local Bob Coldham. Not one to sit still, this retiree keeps busy by hand making beautiful timepieces of locally sourced Jarrah, giving his work longevity, history and stunningly unique beauty. Rather than retiring his extensive workshop, Bob continues to create exciting pieces such as the Treble Clef shaped wall clock which is elegant enough to suit any room or occassion. With a lifetime of experience, there is something unique brought to each work he creates.

Jarrah is the defining wood of Western Australia. Being dense and durable, but still workable, it has been used for everything from road-building to artisanal instruments. Bob Coldham chooses local Jarrah as it is one of the most rot-resistant and long-lasting materials for carving, and showcases the natural beauty of the grain. As such you can be rest assured that receiving any of his work will give you the time of your life.

Clock n Roll with this classic addition to your home, but don't try eating it. You may find it very time consuming.