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A Review of the Advanced Models of Eastman Violins

Published on 01/11/2012

  • A Review of the Advanced Models of Eastman Violins

Andreas Eastman VL405

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a small number of master workshops in Germany distinguished themselves by developing some of the best varnishes of the modern era. The varnish used on the VL405 instrument uses one of these exceptional varnishes from a century ago. This model is meticulously hand-carved with premium spruce top and has a highly flamed maple back, ribs, and scroll. It has hand carved boxwood fittings and is made in Stradivari and Guarneri patterns. Made with an advanced player in mind, it has an exceptional tone and sound projection.

Jean Pierre Lupot VL501

The elegantly antiqued spirit varnish finish of the Jean Pierre Lupot will catch many an eye with it’s reddish pigment. It is made with a well flamed maple back and select spruce top and comes in the Stradivari design. The VL501 has a darker sound than the VL405 producing a very full, clear and strong tone and will please those looking for a professional instrument.

Eastman Master Series VL605

This master instrument, VL605, has outstanding projection, tone colour and playability. The highly detailed workmanship showcases it’s beautifully flamed maple back and premium spruce front and is enhanced by the lightly antiqued hand applied varnish. It has the benefits of a master luthier plate tuning techniques for optimal sound and response. Excellent tone; rich and powerful with a pleasing complexity.