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How to Choose Violin Strings

Published on 09/10/2012

  • How to Choose Violin Strings

Is it time to replace your violin strings and you have no idea where to start? Follow the guide below designed for ease of shopping!

Best for Beginners
Pirastro - Piranito; Selected by many teachers throughout the world for student violins, the Piranito offers a high quality string at a competitive price suitable for young to intermediate players. Easily tuned with a quick response and brilliant sound, these steel core strings are not sensitive to humidity. Available in part sizes.

Beginner to Intermediate
Thomastik - Dominant; The original synthetic core string, made with Perlon. Dominant strings are bright and responsive and are by far the most popular with both students and teachers. When new, Dominant strings have a metallic edge, which fades after a few days of playing. Also available for part-size instruments.

Pirastro – Tonica; The popularity of the Tonica string has grown over the last few yearswith many musicians. They produce a slightly warmer and fuller sound with more complex overtones to the Dominant string. They are immediately tuned with easy and quick response. They are not sensitive to humidity and have a longer playing life. Available for part sized instruments.

Intermediate to Advanced
Pirastro – Obligato; These strings are among the latest of the new generation synthetic core strings, using a composite material rather than nylon (perlon). Of all the synthetic core strings, the Obligato is closest in sound to gut core strings. Good for overly bright instruments.

Pirastro - Evah Pirazzi; The superb Evah Pirazzi string is designed to be more intensive, brilliant, powerful, voluminous with greater character than the Obligato. Ideal for solo playing.

Pirastro - Oliv; Pirastro has produced this premium modern violin string for over 45 years which continues to be used by many of the greatest classical violinists. The string produces a brilliant sound with big tonal volume, rich complex overtones with a relatively fast response. The Oliv E is Gold plated which produces an unusually beautiful and pure brilliant sound.

Pirastro- Eudoxa; The standard classical violin string for many years before the introduction of synthetic core strings. The Eudoxa has a warm, dark and mellow sound with a slower response than the Oliv or Synthetic core strings. They are best suited to Old German and Italian Violins, especially those with a higher arching.