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Ukulele Cases and Stands

Published on 02/09/2012

  • Ukulele Cases and Stands

The best place for a ukulele when it isn't being played, is in a case, on a hanger or on a ukulele stand

There are some good stands around
which can hold the ukulele securely. When the ukulele is on a stand, it's easily accessible and you get to showcase the instrument. It reduces the risk of damage if you normally leave your ukulele propped up against the wall or lying on the floor.

In a classroom situation, the best and least expensive storage solution for ukes is to store them on a wall. The ukulele holders will hang the instruments by their headstocks and keep them out of harms way.

Padded gig bags are available for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone size ukuleles. Fusion bags are a popular choice, with top class manufacturing techniques and innovative designs. They come with plenty of padding and rubber zip pulls to avoid scratching the instrument. The back pack type carrying straps make transporting easy.

For the ultimate protection of a ukulele, you're going to need a hard case, whether you're at home or on the move.

If you're putting the uke in a case, remember to close the latches to avoid accidental damage.  It's all too easy to put an instrument in a case, forget to close the latches, and then someone else picks up the case.

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