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Father's Day Presents for a Guitar Playing Dad

Published on 20/08/2013

  • Father's Day Presents for a Guitar Playing Dad

Need inspiration for Father's Day, and your Dad is a guitar player? Maybe he used to play guitar before he had you, and he'd like to get back into it?

Here are 5 solutions for Fathers Day presents for a guitarist.

1. Ernie Ball's Musician's Tool Kit is an incredibly useful box of tricks for a guitarist, and comes with everything you need to maintain a guitar in great condition. From fret checking to body polish and all the screwdrivers for making the adjustments and string changes along the way.

2. Guitar Stands. If Dad's storing his guitar under the bed, or it's propped up against the wall, buy him a guitar stand. His pride and joy will be safe and ready to play with an attractive and practical guitar stand.

3. Guitar Picks. You can never have too many picks. Every guitarist uses picks, then loses picks. There are so many different shapes, sizes and colours to experiment with. Buy some AFL guitar picks with his favourite footy team if he's a football fan. A tin of picks is a handy gift too.

4. Guitar Strings can't be overlooked when it comes to improving a guitar's tone. Choose from Elixir, Ernie Ball, Jim Dunlop, D'Addario, Thomastik and Augustine.

5. Guitar Capos change the tuning by fretting all the strings at a single fret. This lets the player change key without having to re-tune all the strings.

If inspiration fails, get him a Ukulele or a Crescendo Music gift voucher to show your support for his music playing and let him choose! All you have to do is pick the amount.