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Clarinet Care and Cleaning Tips

Published on 08/01/2012

  • Clarinet Care and Cleaning Tips

When you buy or play a new clarinet, there are several items that will help you to keep it in good condition. By keeping a clarinet clean and dry, it will always be ready for perfect playing and will cause less frustration. It is a good idea to have the clarinet serviced by a qualified technician on an annual basis.

Cork Grease is essential to allow easy assembly of each section and provides a good air seal.

A Pull Through Cleaner allows you to remove any moisture from the inside of the clarinet to prevent decay.

A Mouthpiece Swab will help keep the inside bore of the mouthpiece clean allowing easy passage of air when playing.

A Mouthpiece Cushion provides you with a more comfortable resting place for the top teeth and takes away annoying vibration.

A Thumb Rest Cushion makes playing a lot more comfortable and prevents you getting a sore thumb.

Key Oil will lubricate the metal on metal movement of all the key-work.

Bore Oil for wooden clarinets will prevent drying out and cracking of the wood.