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Flute Care and Cleaning Tips

Published on 03/01/2012

  • Flute Care and Cleaning Tips

A clean well-maintained flute is needed to get the best sound out of the instrument. Here are some tips for looking after flutes. You can buy the accessories at Crescendo Music.

1. Clean your Hands
Do not eat or drink before practice and make sure your hands are clean and dry before handling your flute. 

2. Assembling your Flute

1. Hold the head joint with your left hand just below the lip plate, place your right hand on the receiver and gently slide the two together.
2. To put on the foot joint, hold down the C and C# keys and gently push together whilst holding the receiver in your other hand.

Disassemble the three parts of your flute with a twisting action and by holding each part between your fingertips and palms.

3. Storage 
Do not leave your flute lying on the floor after or during practice. It is safer to use a flute stand to avoid accidental damage. Replacement flute cases can be purchased at Crescendo Music.

4. Cleaning your Flute

Moisture is the big enemy of flutes so you need to dry the flute out after playing. Moisture may cause the pads to swell and lose their correct seal. The headjoint tuning cork will eventually shrink and leak air, and fail to keep its correct position inside the tube.

Take a lint free cloth and thread it through a flute cleaning rod. Wrap the cloth around the tip and insert through all sections of the flute separately. Twist the cleaning rod and withdraw when all moisture has been absorbed.

Clean the outside of the flute with a special cloth designed for wiping finger prints, grease and dirt. Use the cloth to clean the joints and the surface of the keys themselves. Do not use the same cloth for cleaning the inside and outside of the instrument. Do not use metal polish of any kind. Do not apply pressure on the keys or other delicate parts. A little sound from opening and closing key pads is normal.

5. Servicing
As a general rule, have your flute serviced by a trained technican once a year. Flute servicing and overhauls can be undertaken at Crescendo Music, Tel 08 9330 1719

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