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Junior Drum Kit Christmas Offer

Published on 12/11/2011

  • Junior Drum Kit Christmas Offer

This Christmas, why not buy a Junior Drum Kit and introduce children to the exciting world of drumming? An aspiring young drummer will have endless hours of fun playing on this scaled down version of a 5 piece adult drum kit.

Some children seem to show a natural aptitude for rhythm, tapping out beats on whatever is available. Learning to play drums at an early age can have a huge influence on a child's coordination skills, both short term and later on in life.

For children not quite ready for a full-size kit but wanting to get to grips with drumming, the Powerbeat Junior Drum Kit is a traditional 5 piece set which is scaled down in size. Most teachers teach on a 5 piece drum kit so this is an ideal kit to learn on. Children get to sit down and play on a full drum kit.

The construction is based on the same high specifications as adult drums, so the drums can be tuned properly, giving great tone and resonance. This Powerbeat junior kit consists of a bass drum, three tom drums, a crash ride cymbal, hi-hat cymbals, a drum stool, a pair of sticks and even a tuning key for tweaking the sound of the drums.

The whole package is currently available at $299, and comes in a choice of colours. Metallic purple, pink, wine red or black. There is a 3 piece drum kit available for $199 for smaller drummers.

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