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How To Tune A Ukulele- The Most Common Tuning

Published on 03/07/2013

  • How To Tune A Ukulele- The Most Common Tuning

The ukulele is easy to play, a great introduction to music, as well as a great extra instrument to have around.

So you've bought a ukulele, and now you need to know how to keep it in tune. It isn't going to sound right, if it isn't in tune. For one reason or another, stringed instruments are going to go out of tune all the time.

The method of tuning is pretty similar to tuning a guitar, so if you have a chromatic tuner lying around, all well and good. A clip on ukulele tuner works well and won't break the bank. These tuners make a great present for the new ukulele player. Once you're in tune, you'll save any arguments and everyone will be happy.

The most common tuning for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles is G,C,E,A. Moving from the top string down, when holding the ukulele to play it, G,C,E,A is the order.

A good way of remembering this is Good Cooks Eat A lot. Another favourite memory aid is George Clooney Eats Avocados. The largest of the ukuleles, the baritone, is tuned like the four smallest strings of a guitar, to D,G,B,E.

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