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Cases for Musical Instruments

Published on 21/01/2011

  • Cases for Musical Instruments

The safest place for a musical instrument when it isn't being played is in the case. Accidental knocks, extremes of temperature or moisture, can damage instruments. The best insurance is to buy a hard case of sturdy construction for protection.

A soft gig bag is fine for carrying an instrument around to lessons or gigs. When you need extra protection, or when travelling by air, you will require a hard case. Most have a hard shell with a carved out centre on which the instrument can snugly fit.

The hardware used on the case is an important factor. The clasps, hinges and latches need to be sturdy, as they will get a lot of handling.

Cases are made specifically for each instrument. Cello, violin, guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin cases are easily obtainable.