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What to Play on Piano When You're a Beginner

Published on 02/07/2013

  • What to Play on Piano When You're a Beginner

When you first start learning to play the piano, the pieces you're likely to be faced with can seem boring. If lessons are becoming a chore, find a book of songs that can inspire you so that you won't want to give up.  The challenge is to stay motivated, so find some simple songs that you recognise and enjoy.

Imagine, Every Breath You Take, and Tears In Heaven can be mastered after a very few lessons and found in an easy book of arrangements called Greatest Pop Hits.  For a simple selection of songs, try the Famous and Fun books, or the Premier Piano Course Pop and Movie Hits. John Thompson's Modern Course is a good book for moving beyond short, simple pieces which is easy enough for you to be able to sight read both hands together at a reasonable speed.

Find some songs with just a few chords. The simpler the melodies the better. Some songs sound impressive, use both hands and can be learned by relatively new piano players. Some classical pieces are relatively easy to pick up, and will possibly be already familiar. Once mastered, they can lead you on to more challenges. Once you make some progress, you can build on that new found confidence.

If you are in Perth, and keen to improve your piano skills, Crescendo Music has a good selection of piano books for all levels of skills. There are easy drills, with lots of reptetition, which are great as warm ups.

You won't even realise you're practising if you have some great songs to play. Once you can play a song from memory, you can make progress on other areas of your playing.