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Learn to Play Harmonica

Published on 07/01/2011

  • Learn to Play Harmonica

Anyone can learn to play the harmonica, or blues harp as it can be known. The blues harmonica is cheap, fun and portable. Even the non-musician can pick it up, as it isn’t even necessary to read music. Inexpensive models can be perfectly good beginner’s harps, and the simple tunings mean you can soon be playing recognisable tunes.

Start out with a 10 hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C. This is the key most of the instructional books are written for. These little ten-holed instruments can be used to play blues, folk, jazz, rock and popular songs, as well as basic classical melodies.

Start with single notes and concentrate on getting a good clean tone - don’t let other notes creep in. Experiment with blowing, drawing and bending, and you’ll soon start to find your way around.

Carry the harmonica wherever you go, and get practising. A good way to learn is with a How to Play Harmonica book. Or learn at your own pace with a Play Harmonica Today DVD. Learn the tips and fun tricks of playing harmonica from the teacher in the book or DVD.

When it comes to which brand of harmonica to choose, it depends on your budget. Starting prices are under $10, so it isn’t going to break the bank. If you want to go for a well known named brand, the Hohner harmonicas are hard to beat. When you get proficient, and want to play with others, you can always add harmonicas in more keys.

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