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How to Find a Music Teacher in Perth

Published on 25/10/2014

  • How to Find a Music Teacher in Perth

If you've decided to learn a musical instrument, the best way to make progress and kindle a passion for music is to find a suitable music teacher. Easier said than done.


At Crescendo Music, customers regularly ask us if we know of a music teacher for a particular instrument. Many of these teachers are our customers. We keep a Teachers List, arrranged by instrument. Our aim is to direct potential pupils to suitable teachers. Firstly, we like to make sure that teachers are happy for us to pass on their contact details.

We cannot make any recommendations, and we do not get involved with how much they charge or what their availability is. We pass on information if a teacher has a special interest, such as adult learners, theory, AMEB, ABRSM or Suzuki.

Special areas we get asked about are music classes for babies and young children. There are quite a few of these available in the Perth region. Other areas of interest are Simply Music and Piano Tuners.


Consider the logistics of learning a musical instrument. Many teachers are extremely busy, and they mostly expect you to come to them. Our Teachers List is arranged by suburb.

Commitment to Learning

Apart from the location, you have to consider the timing of the lessons, and your ability to commit to a time slot each week. Teachers complain about the amount of talented pupils who give up too easily ... music is like a new language, and it will take time and practice to get to a reasonable standard.

Don't expect to make progress without practice. Prepare to commit to lessons and don't give up too easily. Keep a practice diary, and be prepared to practice a little and often between lessons.

Music is meant to be fun, so enjoy the musical journey.