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Learning the Classical Guitar

Published on 02/04/2014

  • Learning the Classical Guitar

The classical guitar is a rewarding instrument to learn.  The techniques used are very easy to then transfer to other styles of guitar playing, arguably making classical guitar the best style to learn first.  However, before you can become a master of the six strings, there are a couple of accessories you will need to help you along the way.

The must-haves 

Most importantly, you need a footstool – a sort of height adjustable metal platform to place your left foot on.  This moves the guitar to a more central position on your body, helps increase the stability of the guitar while you play, and allows for more freedom of movement in your arms.

A music stand is crucial for playing and practice.  It allows sheet music to be placed at eye level or just below and helps develop correct posture without strain.

Every instrument needs a bag or case for protection.  Crescendo Music stocks padded bags, a selection of hard cases and a lightweight poly-foam case, which is easy for children to carry and offers solid protection from bumps and scratches.

Make life easier

Tuners are a great idea for quick and accurate tuning.  Crescendo Music has a number of tuners available, including clip-on models.  These attach to the headstock of your guitar and tune through the vibrations of the instrument as you pluck a string, an ideal tool for tuning in loud or noisy places.

Why not invest in a guitar stand?  Keep your guitar out on display and feel inspired to pick it up and practice whenever you walk by.

Lastly, spare strings are always handy to have and a string winder is a great, inexpensive little tool that will drastically cut down the time you spend winding new strings onto the tuning pegs of your guitar, leaving you more time for practice and playing!