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School Holiday Opportunities to Learn Music

Published on 05/01/2014

  • School Holiday Opportunities to Learn Music

School may be out, but the music and fun has just begun! If learning to play a musical instrument is on your New Year's to do list, then January can be the perfect time to ignite this passion.

Crescendo Music has details in store of holiday fun for learning music and jamming. There are different Music Classes going on in the holidays.

If you have a bit of time up your sleeves, now could be a good time to crank up your music theory skills. There are holiday classes in theory going on locally. Telephone Crescendo Music 9330 1719 for details.

Taking lessons with a music teacher is always a good place to start, but if you're itching to get started, then the store has a great stock of learn to play books for nearly all musical instruments.