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Why Play a 12 String Guitar?

Published on 06/09/2013

  • Why Play a 12 String Guitar?

If you already play 6 string, the 12 string guitar is well worth a look.

What is a 12 String?

On a 12 string guitar, the strings are arranged in pairs or courses. Each of the lower pitched 4 strings is paired to a thinner string that is tuned an octave higher. The higher 2 pitched strings are paired with another identical string.

Despite having more strings, the paired strings are spaced closely and are usually struck together. Most guitarists find that the 12 string isn't that much harder to play than a 6 string.

Advantages of the 12 string guitar

      • The 12 string produces a broader, richer sound
      • These guitars create a natural, bright chorus effect without needing lots of effects pedals and amplifiers
      • The sound is perfect subtle filling space in acoustic music, with lower and higher frequencies without being intrusive and harsh
      • The 12 string gives you the option of playing two different tunings


How much?

With improvements in guitar manufacturing, the 12 string is now more affordable. Try the Lag 12 string acoustic electric guitar, and the tones you can get from it will likely make it a useful addition to your guitar collection.