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Why Your Child Should Learn Music in School

Published on 20/08/2013

  • Why Your Child Should Learn Music in School

Learning to play a musical instrument at school is a great opportunity to get started as a musician.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument at School

  • As with a lot of things in life, the earlier you start the better, so your child will get a great head start with music.
  • Often the musical instrument is available through the school for the first year for a very reasonable fee. Take advantage of the expertise offered by qualified professional instrumental teachers. They are dedicated to help your child reach their full musical potential.
  • Practice is a great skill, and school is a perfect environment to learn this.
  • Playing in a school band, orchestra or ensemble is a fun environment for children to enjoy. Learning and playing along with school friends is a great motivator. Going away on music camp with friends is a fun social event to enjoy.

Parental Encouragement

Parental involvement and encouragement is usually the key ingredient for success. Keeping a regular practice schedule, and using a practice diary is essential. You are the best judge of how to do this. Incentives, bribery, gentle reminders or regular routines can work from one child to another.

Try to be encouraging, especially when you hear some great sounds that you like. Learning music should be be fun and enjoyable!

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