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Music Lessons in Perth for Young Children

Published on 09/08/2013

  • Music Lessons in Perth for Young Children

Learning to play a musical instrument has been proven to be of great benefit to a child's development.

What are the benefits?

Scientific studies have shown that even a little musical training can improve higher cognitive development by school age and helps increases IQ. Hearing differences in pitch helps with language development. Playing instruments helps physical coordination and seems to improve social development. Parents can join in with classes, and most of all it's fun!

What music do they play?

Music lessons for very young children usually involves rhythm, so lots of percussion instruments are used.

Types of Instruments

Hand drums, lollipop drums, maracas, jingle bells and tuned percussion - anything with bright colours, a pleasing tone and which is easy for small hands to hold.

Music Classes in Perth

Many parents ask us if there are music classes for babies and toddlers in Perth. We have a list of places on file at Crescendo Music so please contact us today.