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Flute Repairs and Servicing

Published on 24/07/2013

  • Flute Repairs and Servicing

Crescendo Music provides a complete flute repairs service. There are common flute repair problems that show up all the time and most can be easily solved. A regular flute service is recommended to save on costly repairs.

Music teachers do not have time to check every student's instrument for problems. Some players aren't aware that their flute isn't playing as it should. Learning can become impossible, causing lots of unnecessary frustration. Trying to fix some of the problems yourself can cause more damage.

1. Tight Joints. Usuallly down to insufficient cleaning.

2. All the notes are unplayable. One of the springs may have become dislodged.

3. Footjoint keys are out of adjustment. The keys need to be re-adjusted and a thicker piece of cork needs to be applied.

4. Flute fails to play notes below G. This is usually due to incorrect adjustment.

5. Stuck keys. A flute is constructed of keys, levers and bars. When the flute gets played regularly, the mechanism goes out of regulation, and needs to be re-adjusted by an experienced repair technician to get it playing well again.

6. Problems with individual notes. This usually means the pads need checking and adjustments need to be made to get the keys closing correctly.

7. Pads Torn and Leaking The most important part of a flute is the condition of the pads. If the pads are not perfect, the key will not seal and the flute will not play. Pads are very often eaten by bugs. Pads can become sticky and damaged, as they absorb moisture, become waterlogged and break down.

8. Headjoint problems. The cork in the mouthpiece can become off centre.

9. Dirtiness. When a flute gets played, it comes into contact with hands and mouths. Dirt and saliva collects in the nooks and crannies under the mechanism. During a service, the flute gets completely disassembled and cleaned and disinfected.

10. Bent Flute! It is normal in the life of a flute to get a few scratches and dents along the way. Most of these are only aesthetic and won't affect the sound of the flute.  Flutes sometimes get sat on, and dropped when holding them vertically by the headjoint. These sort of accidents require specialised repairs.  Bring the flute into the music shop for any unbending!

At Crescendo most of our flute repairs are undertaken within a week. It is best to try and fit the repair in between vital performances and lessons.

Flutes should be serviced every 6-12 months depending on usage. For regular flute cleaning, we sell flute rods and cleaning cloths.