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The Ultimate Guitar Re-Stringing Tool

Published on 16/07/2013

  • The Ultimate Guitar Re-Stringing Tool

You never know when a guitar string is going to break on you. Tired of cramping hands when re-stringing your guitar? Avoiding changing strings as it's a laborious chore? A string winder is a gadget that all guitarists should have in their gig bags.

In the shop, we're restringing instruments all the time, and we'd have RSI with all that winding and unwinding if we didn't use a string winder. This little gadget makes light work of changing strings. It is so much quicker than turning the machine head with your fingers. The notched head removes bridge pins quickly and safely. The winder offers smooth and effortless rotation.

The string winder acts like a ratchet, with a slotted end that slides over the machine head.

This is a no brainer as a gift for a guitarist. They are inexpensive, easily available and just the right size to fit into the guitar case.