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Laney A1+ 80 watt Acoustic Amp

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The Laney A+1 Guitar Amp projects the sound of the acoustic guitar, matching the tone and dynamics of the best acoustic instruments on the market. 

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The A1+ features two channels, both identical but completely independent. It gives you two options: your guitar in channel one and your microphone in channel two.

There is a separate Auxiliary input, and all three can be used at the same time

For players who use instruments which are equipped with both piezo and Internal mic systems the two identical channels allows both systems to be used in conjunction giving the player the best of both worlds with the crisp clean attack of the piezo systems and the warm natural body sound of the internal mic really complementing each other.

Both A1+ main channels have full EQ – Bass, Swept Mid and Treble.

The A1+ has increased headroom with an 80W power section and improved frequency response thanks to its high quality dome tweeter and 8” Bass driver.

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