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Progressive Beginner Keyboard

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Progressive Beginner Keyboard contains all you need to know to start learning to be a great keyboard player - in one easy-to-follow, lesson-by-lesson keyboard tutorial. Suitable for all ages and all types of keyboards and pianos. No prior knowledge of how to read music or playing the keyboard is required to teach yourself to learn to play keyboard from this book.

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This progressive book is suitable for all ages and all types of keyboards and pianos. Includes a CD and a DVD, containing recordings that demonstrates all examples and pieces.


  • Progressive step-by-step easy beginners keyboard lessons written by a professional keyboard teacher
  • Easy-to-read keyboard music and keyboard chords for beginners
  • Full color photos and diagrams
  • Keyboard chord chart containing formulas and chord diagrams for all important keyboard chords
  • 40+ keyboard exercises and well know easy keyboard songs for beginners including instrumental pieces and melodies
  • Many well known songs in a variety of styles including rock keyboard, pop keyboard, blues keyboard, country keyboard and folk keyboard
  • Free poster

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